Heather Locklear Wished Death By AIDS On EMT’s Kids, As Revealed In Lawsuit Against Star

Heather Locklear is reportedly still wading through legal trouble after she was released from rehab last month. This time, she is being sued by one of the EMTs who was called to the Locklear home during one of the episodes that led to her arrest and a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital.

TMZ reported that the EMT, Jennifer Hayn-Hiton, claimed that she was on the crew which was called to Locklear’s home for a domestic disturbance on June 24 when she was verbally and physically assaulted by the actor. Hayn-Hiton, a single mother of three, claims in her lawsuit that Locklear wished a death by AIDS on the EMT’s children, who are all minors, while causing injury by hitting and kicking her. In the claim, Hayn-Hiton says that her injuries caused her to miss work, which had a dramatic effect on her paycheck.

Hayn-Hiton’s lawyer, Kevin Flahavan, said that it’s a positive thing that Locklear went to rehab, but she still needs to pay for the wrongs she committed.

“This has taken a tremendous toll on our client and her children. When Ms. Locklear went to rehab, we had hoped that she would learn about making amends to those she had harmed.”

Flahavan said that he has reached out to Locklear and her legal team in an effort to settle the matter, only for the attempts to go ignored.

“We have reached out to her and she ignored us time and time again. It became apparent that Ms. Locklear wasn’t going to accept responsibility for her actions on her own.”

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages to cover medical costs, pain, suffering, and lost wages resulting from Locklear’s alleged actions.

But it’s not just money that Locklear has to lose in this matter, because the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is reviewing criminal charges against the actor, who has allegedly been having a rough year battling addiction, per a previous Inquisitr report. If convicted on the assault charges, Locklear could be sentenced to jail time, in addition to a fine and probation that would restrict her from using drugs and alcohol.

Locklear’s friends say that this is rock bottom for her, and she is finally fighting to get better.

“Heather is hitting rock bottom and her daughter and other family members are seriously concerned for her health and well-being. It breaks her daughter’s heart that Heather has been in so much trouble recently, and Ava has been pleading with her mom to get help.”

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