Kim Kardashian: I Don’t Want To Still Be Married To Kris Humphries When I Have My Baby

Kim Kardashian is desperate for a divorce from Kris Humphries, claiming that the health of her unborn child is at stake if the process doesn’t move along more quickly.

Though their marriage lasted only a few weeks, Kardashian and Humphries have been locked in a costly and drawn-out divorce proceeding that appears no closer to a conclusion. For Kim, the situation has grown even more dire since she became pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West.

Now Kim Kardashian is taking her concerns to the court. A declaration filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on January 24 lays out her case, E! News notes. The declaration read:

“Immediately upon it becoming known to the public that I was pregnant … I began to see articles in the media with quotes attributed to [Humphries] stating that now that I am pregnant he has ‘got all the power, that he is in control of my misery and that he is not going ‘to allow’ me to be divorced by the time I have my baby.

“I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child. I firmly believe that an immediate dissolution of our marriage will help create a new, full life for me. One chapter will be officially over, and a new one can begin. The same should hold true for [Humphries].”

Kris Humphries maintains that this is just a ploy by Kim Kardashian to speed up the divorce process. His attorney claims that Kim is using the pregnancy as a way to gain a litigation advantage.

Humphries’ attorney are seeking an annulment, claiming that the 72-day marriage was fradulent on Kim Kardashian’s part.

According to AceShowbiz Kris’ attorney revealed:

“If there really is ‘no evidentiary support’ to support Humphries claims, why don’t they just give us the access we want? What are they hiding? What is there in the raw footage of this televised courtship, 72 day marriage and resultant breakup that they are so afraid of us discovering?”

Kim Kardashian is due to give birth in June.

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