‘One Piece’ Episode 859 Spoilers: Sanji Unleashes Lightning Speed Against Oven, Wedding Cake Finished!

One Piece Episode 859, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with Emperor Big Mom wreaking havoc at Nuts Island. Her eldest son, Charlotte Perospero, tried to stop her from destroying the island by saying that the wedding cake and the Strawhat Pirates are in a different place. However, Perospero was surprised to see Monkey D. Luffy showing up on the island together with his sister, Charlotte Brulee.

In the previous episodes of One Piece, Luffy decided to temporarily leave the Mirror World in order to regain his Haki. Unfortunately, he went to a location where a much stronger enemy was waiting for him. As expected, Luffy tried to run away from Big Mom by looking for a mirror where he and Brulee could escape. Perospero tried to trap him using his devil fruit power, but he and his sister, Charlotte Amanda, still failed to capture the Strawhat Pirates captain.

Two of Big Mom’s daughters, Charlotte Effiler and Charlotte Monder, helped in the chase, but every time they tried to attack Luffy, he used Brulee as his shield. After seeing Luffy once again, Big Mom decided to launch a powerful attack she named “Ikoku Sovereignty” without even thinking that she might also end up killing her daughter, Brulee.

One Piece Episode 859 also featured Vinsmoke Sanji, Lady Pudding, and Charlotte Chiffon finish creating the ultimate wedding cake, which is intended to stop Big Mom’s tantrums. Before they headed to the port, Sanji decided to wear a disguise to prevent himself from being recognized by the Big Mom Pirates. Outside of the factory where they made the wedding cake, Charlotte Oven and his soldiers are waiting.

Oven tried to stop them from transporting the cake, but Pudding explained that they will be meeting Big Mom in the sea to save the Cacao Island from being destroyed. Oven agreed, but he took Chiffon into his custody, accusing her of conspiring with Capone Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates in assassinating Big Mom during the wedding. While Oven was about to execute Chiffon, an angry Pound came and bravely attacked the enemy.

Sanji used the opportunity to secretly attack and save Chiffon. Black Leg demonstrated his lightning speed, kicked Oven in the neck with Haki, and carried Chiffon to safety. Chiffon thought she was already safe, but Oven found where she was hiding. Luckily, before he burned his sister to death, Oven received a call from the transponder snail, informing him that Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates are heading to the Cacao Island to save Chiffon.

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