As Paulina Gretzky Returns To Instagram With Skimpy Halloween Pics, Dustin Johnson Makes A Telling Response

Paulina Gretzky is back on Instagram and is sharing some pictures of her sexy Halloween costume, prompting her fiancé to apparently open up about the status of their relationship.

Gretzky had erased all traces of PGA pro Dustin Johnson on her social media this summer amid reports that the two were seriously on the rocks, feeding fuel to the rumors that the two were breaking up. While they have not officially split, Paulina’s two-month absence from Instagram left many wondering just where the pair stood.

Paulina is now back on Instagram, sharing a video and picture of her very revealing Halloween costume. She was dressed as a scantily clad Inuit for a pre-Halloween party. The pictures led to questions about what was happening between her and Justin — especially as Paulina was seen with a longtime male friend at the party, with no Dustin in sight. Johnson seemed to answer with a click. The golfer “liked” the photo, leading many to believe that the period of turmoil in their relationship had passed.

Dustin Johnson had already addressed the rumors of a potential breakup once before. Back in September, he took to Twitter to explain that he and Paulina were working through their troubles.

“Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but most importantly, we love each other very much and are committed to being a family. Thank you for your love and support,” Johnson wrote.

The tweet came amid reports that the troubles in their relationship had spilled over into a fight between Dustin and a Ryder Cup teammate. As the Sun reported, Dustin reportedly got into a bitter feud with fellow golfer Brooks Koepka, who Dustin believed was getting a little too close to Paulina as he comforted her over the relationship difficulties.

The two almost came to blows on a plane ride together, a witnesses claimed.

“Witnesses say Koepka threatened to flatten world No. 1 Johnson, whose relationship troubles were heightened by his links to California society girl Yassie Safai,” the report noted.

Dustin and Paulina had another recent sign that the relationship trouble was behind them. As the New York Post noted, the two were spotted together at a Kid Rock concert earlier this month — and Dustin shared a picture of the outing on his own Instagram page.

Fans of Paulina Gretzky will likely be happy that her two-month exile from Instagram has ended. The daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is known for sharing some very skin-baring pictures to the social media outlet, and has gotten quite a following for the racy snaps.

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