Jacksonville Jaguars Players Arrested Ahead Of Sunday’s Game In London In Brawl Over $64K Bar Bill

Four Jacksonville Jaguars players were arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning following reports of a fight that broke out at the London Reign nightclub, per The Sun. The American football players reportedly tried to leave the nightclub without paying their tab which amounted to a $64,000 bar bill.

Safety Barry Church (30), safety Ronnie Harrison (21), cornerback D.J. Hayden (28), and safety Jarrod Wilson (24) faced off against the club’s bouncers when they tried to leave the Piccadilly venue. The players, who earn an average of $55,000 per week, disputed the bill.

A group of football players and staff went to the private members club on Friday evening. The London Reign club is not your average run-of-the-mill establishment either, and features aerial, burlesque, and circus performers. Per NFL, the football players “were sent bottles of champagne and other high-end liquors and ran up a huge bill.”

The trouble came about because the Jacksonville Jaguars players believed that the bottles were complimentary, but in actual fact, they were billed for it. And with champagne starting at $577 per bottle, they were left with a hefty tab by the end of the night. When the bill arrived, the players refused to pay it because they did not believe that they owed that amount.

A full-scale argument ensued and the players tried to leave the nightclub but were stopped by security.

“It was the West End equivalent of King Kong meeting Godzilla.”

“Things got pretty heated and there was a lot of swearing and shouting and things became physical. In terms of preparation for their match, you couldn’t think of anything worse.”

The Metropolitan police were called at 3:55 a.m. on Saturday, October 27. They were arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation and were then hauled off a central London police station where they were questioned.

However, none of the football players were charged with a crime. After nine hours in custody, it is believed that the bill was settled and the club dropped the complaint. The Jacksonville Jaguars released a statement pertaining to the arrest.

“We are aware that four of our players were detained over restitution of a bill. The matter is being resolved and the players are with the team. Any discipline will be handled internally.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently in London for an NFL match where they will play against the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley on Sunday, October 28.

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