David Cross Is Pessimistic About Chances Of ‘Arrested Development’ Season 6

Tobias Funke was one of the most memorable characters on Arrested Development, a show comprised pretty much exclusively of memorable characters. Played by comedian and actor David Cross, Tobias’ status as a “never-nude” and his hysterical attempts to join the Blue Man Group is only a drop in the bucket to some of the most lauded aspects of the series.

Recently, IndieWire reported that David Cross is not particularly optimistic when it comes to the potential future of Arrested Development. In fact, he seems ready to put a fork in the whole series, which he thinks is finally done.

While speaking to Seth Myers, Cross was asked about the possibility of a sixth Arrested Development season. Cross didn’t say it was a certainty, but he’s pretty sure the future is grim for the Bluth family.

“I’ve learned to say ‘never say never,’ but I can’t see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons.”

While he demonstrated tact in not bringing those “reasons” up, it’s fairly transparent that some of it probably has to do with allegations of sexual misconduct against one of the show’s stars, Jeffery Tambor.

Jessica Walters, who plays his manipulative, indifferent wife on Arrested Development, has stated that Tambor verbally harassed her a number of times during the show’s production. Much of the cast later went on to defend Tambor’s actions, rather than defend Jessica Walters as a victim.

David Cross later expressed disappointment with the way that situation played out, apologizing for behavior many found to be offensive.

Arrested Development originated as a series on Fox, but was canceled after only three seasons. Prior to, and since its cancellation, the show has garnered a cult-like following with hordes of fans petitioning for Fox to revive the series.

Fox’s revival of Arrested Development never happened, but Netflix’s did.

In 2013, Netflix brought the show back for a fourth season which received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, citing a tonal shift. In 2018, Netflix released eight new episodes for the show’s fifth season, which represents only half of what was produced.

The remaining half of season five will be released in 2019, though no official date has been announced. Season five part two will also consist of eight episodes, making it a 16-episode season in total.

If David Cross is as perceptive as his comedy career suggests, the upcoming eight episodes of Arrested Development appear to be the final bow of the Bluth Family.

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