Disney-Themed Home For Sale At $850,000

Disney fans can now obtain a Mickey Mouse house, People is reporting. A new home being sold in Palm Bay, Florida, is geared towards the ultimate Disney fan. Located only an hour away from Disney World, the house contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms — all Disney-themed. The home resides on eight acres of land, and even the outdoors sticks to the theme with a Mickey Mouse-shaped pool. Dave Settgast with Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty put the place on the market for $849,000.

The home contains Disney-themed murals, paintings, and art throughout it. You can expect a Mickey Mouse-shaped mirror in the bathroom, for instance. The walls are painted with startling bright colors to contribute to the theme of fun and celebration that often goes hand-in-hand with the Disney brand. The front door even features a stained glass portrait of the iconic mouse couple Mickey and Minnie. In addition, there’s a floor-to-ceiling mural of Cinderella’s castle in the entryway, which is a recognizable symbol for tons of people around the world. Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey can be found near the moat of the castle.

Proceed to the staircase and you’ll see Snow White and her animal friends adorning the walls. Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, this location has something for everyone with a guest house, billiards room, home theater, and five-care garage. While the front yard features the Mickey pool, the backyard boasts an entire water-park with a pool, hot tub, waterfall, tiki-themed hut, grotto, and walking bridge.

If this fancy home doesn’t resemble a Disney theme park enough, the land also features a go-cart track and a barn. The area has been zoned for horses and other animals. Animal Kingdom, anyone? Though the home is on eight acres of land, an additional 10 acres is available for purchase. Make no mistake, there is not one part of the home that completely avoids Disney. Only the most avid Disney fan should consider dropping some money on this pricey estate.

According to The Guardian, well-off Disney fans had the option to buy a home in Celebration, Florida, in the past. This area was also close to Disney World and also promised a Disney-esque experience. However, the houses aren’t entirely themed with everything Disney. The town was supposed to be an idyllic area created by Disney’s famous “Imagineers,” but the Disney brand and fan-favorite characters weren’t blatantly plastered around the houses as some hardcore Disney enthusiasts imagined. Now, the house many Disney devotees have dreamed of is for sale.