‘Big Brother’s’ Angela Rummans Poses For Sexy Beach Shots With Tyler Crispen, ‘Patiently’ Waits For A Proposal

Big Brother stars Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen are making the most of their reality TV showmance now that they’re back in the real world. The BB20 lovebirds, who have posted a steady stream of steamy shots to social media in the weeks since the CBS reality show wrapped, recently gave E! News an update on their status.

Angela told E! that after already sharing a bed with Tyler in the Big Brother house it “only seemed natural” to move in together as soon as they exited the CBS show.

“I couldn’t imagine living without him,” the fitness model revealed, while Tyler added, “It’s been great…The move has been so smooth. It feels so natural. I love it.”

Angela Rummans revealed that the two have spent time ordering takeout and watching all of the Big Brother episodes they couldn’t watch when they were sequestered for almost 100 days for the CBS reality show.

“It’s kind of embarrassing and weird and awkward, but we love it,” the CBS star said, before adding that she would be open to participating in another reality show with her man by her side.

Angela also admitted that she’s “patiently waiting” for a proposal from Tyler, who would only commit to confirming the two are “very happy together.” The lovebirds revealed that last season’s newly married couple, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are “role models” for them.

Angela and Tyler have been spending a lot of time on the beach and in front of the camera since wrapping Big Brother last month. The lovebirds both posted shots from a beachside photo shoot. In one shot, Angela gazes adoringly at her man as they lay on the beach. In a sizzling hot slideshow set at the beach, Angela is wearing a denim jacket and little else as Tyler cradles her from behind. You can see Angela and Tyler’s steamy beach shots below.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, love was in the air this summer in the Big Brother house. Not only did Angela and Tyler meet and fall in love in the CBS summertime house—the two exchanged the L word as Big Brother’s live feed captured the intimate moment— but fellow season 20 houseguests Swaggy C Williams and Bayleigh Dayton got engaged on the live finale. In addition, jury member Angie “Rockstar” Lantry accepted a proposal from her boyfriend shortly after Big Brother wrapped.

Big Brother is expected to return to CBS next summer.

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