October 24, 2018
'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Claims Girlfriend Gave Him Black Eye In New Photo

Things do not appear to be going well in Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's relationship, TMZ is reporting. The reality television star uploaded a photo of himself to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, October 24, in which he sports a pretty prominent black eye. In the caption of the photo, he alleged that his girlfriend -- and the mother of his child, Jen Harley -- gave it to him.

"Sorry for lying to my friends and family, sometimes u love people so much your willing to lie and the hurt the [sic] people that love u the most to protect," the picture reads. Then, at the bottom of the photo, Ortiz-Magro typed Harley's Instagram handle. In his reality show currently airing, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, his fellow cast members are shown to repeatedly advise Ortiz-Magro not to be with her, especially after a violent encounter that the couple had in June. On the way home from an event in Las Vegas, Harley hit Ortiz-Magro in the face. He attempted to leave the car, and she continued to drive -- dragging him along. She was arrested, and their baby was reportedly in the backseat to witness the entire incident.

Harley has been investigated for battery multiple times in the past, but Ortiz-Magro has seemed intent on making it work. The couple had their first child together, Ariana, only six months ago.

According to Us Weekly, this isn't the first time that a fight between them has been captured and aired out to the world. The two begin feuding and trading jabs with each other over social media in April. Harley also ended up sharing a video on Instagram Live of her feuding with Ortiz-Magro, and while it was not exactly clear what exactly was transpiring in the video, the altercation appeared to get physical. There was also an incident where Harley spit at -- and hit -- Ortiz-Magro on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

In August, Ortiz-Magro tried to play the incident off on Instagram.

"Unfortunately, this season caught a rough patch in bother [sic] of our lives, we stuck together & have got thru it," he wrote. "Ariana grows up in a happy home, regardless of what is shown & edited for TV. It a combination of bad timing, a lot of moving parts, misinformed information. she has two amazing parents who loved her."

In October, Harley took to her Instagram, venting her opinion regarding Ortiz-Magro's reality television career.

"Honestly the show has been the route to all our problems," she wrote.