Arizona 6-Year-Old Forced To Celebrate Birthday Alone After No One Comes To His Party

A birthday celebration is a momentous occasion for most kids across the world and they wait the whole year to celebrate their special day.

Six-year-old Teddy Bollinger was one such super-excited kid when his mom decided to throw his first-ever birthday bash. However, to the little boy’s disappointment, no one showed up.

According to a report by People, Teddy’s mother Sil Mazzini arranged a big birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza in Tuscon, Arizona, and invited 32 of Teddy’s classmates along with their parents.

She told ABC15 that only two people informed that they would not be able to attend the party, but others just didn’t show up, leaving her son extremely disappointed and sad.

“I’m done with parties for a while,” she said.

Teddy, whose birthday was originally on October 3, was excited to have a pizza party with his friends and classmates for his 6th birthday. His mom had earlier offered to take him to Legoland and Disneyland to celebrate, but the little guy preferred to celebrate with his friends and insisted on having a pizza party. The party was arranged on a different date so that Teddy’s dad — who currently lives in Alaska — could attend.

Teddy’s mother further explained that she had handed out written invitations to her son’s teacher two weeks prior to the party and the teacher had passed the invites out to the kids in Teddy’s class. Some kids had even confirmed that they’d be attending the event last Sunday, per People.

“They told me they were going to come.”

Feeling sad and heartbroken for her son, Mazzini took to Facebook and shared a picture of her son sitting alone at the party table, looking extremely disappointed. According to the People report, Mazzini also sent the picture to a KVOA reporter, who shared the image on his Facebook page.

Within no time, the image went viral on social media, and almost immediately people and organizations across the U.S. wished the little boy a happy birthday. The post also caught the attention of the Phoenix Suns, who decided to give Teddy a birthday gift by inviting him to Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, as reported by People.

Teddy also got an invitation to attend a playoff game on Friday by the Phoenix Rising, a local professional soccer team.

And that wasn’t all. To make Teddy happy, the Arizona Coyotes also joined the birthday celebrations and are reportedly planning to throw a pizza party for the boy on Saturday. According to People, “the team is also organizing a specific area and time for spectators to drop off unwrapped gifts for the boy.”

Teddy also got to celebrate a “proper” birthday bash just one day after his intended pizza party. Per the report by People, the party was arranged by iHeartRadio at Teddy’s favorite spot, Peter Piper Pizza, and was attended by many staffers from the radio, as well as reporters from KVOA.

Upon receiving the outpour of support and love from people, Teddy and his mom said that they have been really grateful. A disappointing experience which could have left a lasting impact on the little boy’s mind turned out to be a happy moment that he will be able to rejoice in his memory forever.

In a video posted to Facebook by KVOA, the six-year-old birthday boy personally thanked everyone for the wishes.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Big kiss.”