‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mysterious Newcomer May Have Ties To Margaux

JB LacroixGetty Images

Another new face is coming to General Hospital soon. There has been a slew of new characters introduced on the ABC soap lately and yet another one is coming on board. This actress may just end up being somehow related to the current mob storyline.

ABC Soaps In Depth reported the news that Ely Pouget is joining the crew at General Hospital very soon. Rumor has it that she will be arriving in Port Charles as Jeanette, Margaux Dawson’s mother. That explanation is a pretty good one as Sonny and Jason just found out a few days ago that the DA’s mother had an affair with Joe Scully years ago. Having her mother come to town about right now would be great timing.

Ely Pouget starred in the reboot of Dark Shadows in 1991 and then went on to play the role of Dr. Laura Braun on Young and the Restless in 2009. She will return to daytime television possibly for November sweeps. It isn’t confirmed just yet that she will be appearing as Margaux’s mother, but General Hospital spoilers mention that Sam will continue to pursue getting the dirt on Margaux’s family.

Sonny has already given a big clue that not all was warm and fuzzy in Victor Marino’s family. He recognized Jeanette as being Scully’s mistress in a photo. This certainly changes things and Sam may just leave to go find Margaux’s mom. There are speculations among fans that she could possibly be the one who actually shot her husband, not Joe Scully or Sonny Corinthos.

Margaux came to town to take the mobster down and she won’t stop until she accomplishes that. Unfortunately, Drew Cain was drawn into her plan, but that backfired on her when he refused to play along with her. She has the flash drive that could get his memories back, but he chose not to do it. Now Margaux is scrambling to find another plan to take Sonny down.

Since the reveal that her mother was Scully’s mistress, it could very well turn out that Ms. Dawson is not even Victor Marino’s daughter after all. She could be Scully’s child. She could very well know that but is keeping mum about it. Or she could get a big surprise when a reveal of her parentage hits her like a brick.

There is much more to come in this mob story concerning Sonny’s past dealings in the mob. Keep watching General Hospital to see if Ely Pouget will indeed be playing the role of Margaux’s mom.