Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Barely-There Bikini And Rock-Hard Abs At The Beach

Instagram fitness star Tammy Hembrow is not camera shy when it comes to snapping photos of her sizzling figure in tiny bikinis. Her most recent Insta post features her at the beach in an orange knitted strapless bikini top and matching high-waisted bottoms.

In the photo, the fitness guru's rippling muscles are on display as she juts one hip out to the side. Her washboard abs, muscular thighs, and ample breasts catch the eye and her long blonde hair flows to the side. The backdrop features a brilliant blue sky, a glimpse of the ocean and white-capped waves, and rolling sand dunes.

She captioned the photo with an emoji of an ocean wave and earned hundreds of thousands of likes from her 8.8 million followers within the first few hours of posting it.

Her fans don't hold back when it comes to complimenting her flawless figure and sensual photos. They left comments including "You're drop dead gorgeous!! Just perfect!!" and "Simply stunning and toned say no more."

Many of her followers are also eager to find out her secrets for achieving a perfect beach body. In June 2017, the Good American model posted a side-by-side before-and-after photo of herself along with a message about how she achieved her enviable figure.

"I train at least 3 - 5 days a week, minimal cardio, heavy weights, eating A LOT. Moral of the story? It IS possible to build the body you want. It takes time, consistency, challenging yourself, and FOOD. I've been almost 10kg heavier, with lots of cellulite and an untoned body. I've also had times that I've been too skinny with a little cellulite and almost no shape, and now after years of training and correct eating I have more muscle, pretty much no cellulite at all, and am healthier than ever even after two babies."
Recently, Tammy has been going through some major changes in her life, including the aftermath of her breakup with ex-fiance Reece Hawkins. The two have been trading jabs at each other on social media, with Tammy recently posting that she was taking a break from dating to focus on her kids and didn't need a man in her life.
"Just focused on my babies & my business. No man needed."
The couple, who called off their engagement in June after four years together, have two children: daughter Saskia and son Wolf.

Tammy commented on their breakup back in June, according to the publication Who.

"You have a picture of what you think your life is going to be like and then circumstances change and people change too. We were young when we got together and still figuring things out. I think when people are weighing in on your personal life while you're trying to understand things yourself it can feel like a lot of pressure. I share so much of my life, so I understand that my followers online wanted to know what was going on. People were wanting to know what happened before we even knew what was going on."
In the meantime, Reece recently announced that he is officially dating model London Goheen.