Meghan Markle Wears Dress With Thigh-High Slit, Draws Criticism From Shamers

Meghan Markle is getting criticism for wearing a revealing dress with a thigh-high slit while in Australia with Prince Harry, Yahoo News is reporting. Meanwhile, the very-pregnant duchess could be seen a couple of times gently placing her hand on her baby bump, drawing a collective “Aww” from the internet.

Meghan and Harry are swinging through Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere in Oceania this week, as part of the couple’s Commonwealth tour. On Monday, the couple stopped by Fraser Island and briefly went their separate ways. Harry checked out the island’s incomparable natural beauty and the posed for pictures with the few tribespeople who still live there, while Meghan, who is three-four months pregnant, took it easy at nearby Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Later in the day, when they met back up, the Duchess of Sussex could be seen wearing a $218 Pineapple Dress by Reformation. The dress has a slit that ends with a button about halfway up the thigh, and as you can see from the post below from the Kensington Palace official Instagram account, it reveals quite a bit of Meghan’s leg.

You may be thinking, “So what?” But you’re obviously not a royal watcher, and those people take this sort of thing seriously. Consider some of these comments from the Instagram community.

“So inappropriate for someone representing the Queen.”

“Things are getting out of control someone should advice [sic] them. She is going to end up as another Fergie who was so popular in the beginning but so unpopular after a few months of mistakes. Look at the other pics. She is holding the dress in order not to open, even her breasts can be seen when she bends to talk to people. Someone needs to protect her. Advice [sic] her.”

Others pointed out that it’s summer in Australia and that Meghan is pregnant, and that summer + pregnancy = discomfort (to put it mildly), so kudos to Meghan for being proactive and wearing a garment that allows some airflow. Others just told the haters to lighten up.

On the subject of Meghan’s pregnancy, a couple of times throughout the day, the duchess was captured on camera lovingly placing her hand on her abdomen, which The Sun describes as “cradling her stomach.”

Meghan has cut back on her work schedule a bit to accommodate her pregnancy, Kensington Palace announced recently. The duchess, who announced the day after Princess Eugenie’s wedding that she’s expecting, is due around April or May of 2019.

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