‘One Piece’ Episode 858 Spoilers: Big Mom Pirates Unleash Full Military Force Against Strawhats & Their Allies

One Piece Episode 858, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri. Luffy has already learned the secret behind Katakuri’s advanced Observation Haki and fought him using his Gear Fourth.

Unfortunately, Katakuri succeeded to regain his calmness and is able to dodge every attack of Luffy once again. Using his power, Katakuri predicted that Luffy was about to return to his normal form. Before it happens, Luffy decided to escape, saying that he needs 10 minutes to be able to use Haki again. Katakuri chased him all over the Mirror World, but Luffy still managed to leave the place with the help of Charlotte Brulee.

However, though he’s no longer within the reach of Katakuri, Luffy landed on Nuts Island where Big Mom is currently wreaking havoc. In the latest episode of One Piece, Big Mom continues to go on a rampage. As everyone knows, the only way to stop her tantrums is to satisfy her cravings. In his current form, Luffy is definitely aware that he does not stand a chance against the lady Yonko. Luffy could use Brulee once again to enter the Mirror World and go in a safer location on Whole Cake Island until he regains his Haki.

One Piece Episode 858 also showed Vinsmoke Sanji, Charlotte Pudding, and Charlotte Chiffon near to finish recreating the wedding cake intended to stop Big Mom’s tantrums. Sanji let one of the assistant chefs taste the whipped cream he made. The assistant chef fell into the ground because of the deliciousness of the whipped cream.

Pudding attempted to try the whipped cream, but Sanji stopped her, saying that he can’t lose a very important member of his team. As expected, steam started to come out of Pudding’s body as well as the evil character inside of her. Five minutes before the hour of six, Sanji is already done with the whipped cream, Chiffon already created the Chiffon cake, while Pudding also finished making the chocolate.

Meanwhile, aside from stopping Big Mom from destroying entire Whole Cake Island, the Big Mom Pirates are also facing another huge problem. All the sea slugs which are used as surveillance in Big Mom’s territory are all gone. Without the sea slugs, the Big Mom Pirates are unable to know the location of their enemies. One Piece Episode 858 revealed that the sea slugs are currently being controlled by Charlotte Praline, the wife of Aladine and a member of the Sun Pirates. The officials of the Big Mom Pirates decide to use all their military force to prevent the Strawhat Pirates, Fire Tank Pirates, and the Sun Pirates from escaping their territory alive.

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