Masked Thieves Seen On Video Trying To Break Into David & Victoria Beckham’s Home, Couple Reportedly Shaken

Police were called to the weekend home of David and Victoria Beckham last week when their security team spotted three masked intruders on closed-circuit television. The Sun reports that they had positioned a ladder in a way that allowed them to peer through windows and look for valuables. No one entered the home and nothing was stolen, but the incident is said to have upset both David and Victoria.

David Beckham is reported to be upset because security is already a source of stress for him. He is reportedly stressed about the amount of security his life requires and the technology and expense associated with that security. The presence of intruders on his property means that he will have to invest even more resources on something he was already spending far more on than he would like.

For Victoria Beckham, news of intruders on her property was apparently just something else to upset her in a week that had already been difficult for her. The Sun described her as “in tears” over the security breach and some comments made by her husband in a recent interview with an Australian television show. A friend said that Victoria found David’s comments that his 19-year-marriage was “hard work” embarrassing and said the mood in their home was like a “nuclear bomb had gone off” after she learned of his comments. She was so upset that she entered a stress-management clinic in Germany to work through her emotions.

Friends of the couple said last week that David Beckham seems to be making an effort to publicly distance himself from Victoria while she tries to present a united front in the face of ongoing rumors about problems in their marriage. She found his recent interview insensitive and embarrassing.

Metro reported on David Beckham’s comments and provided some context to them. He made two comments about hard work in their relationship. The first was related to raising their children.

“Your children, they want your time and they deserve your time and we are hard-working and we feel that is the right way to bring up our children to prove and to show to them you have to work really hard to be successful.”

It’s likely his other comment about hard work that Victoria found so upsetting though as it was specifically about their marriage.

“But to be married for the amount of time that we have, it’s always hard work, everybody knows that but you make it work. You make difficult situations like travelling away, being away from each other, you make it work.”

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