Joe Biden Rips Trump: American Values ‘Are Being Shredded By A President Who’s All About Himself’

Matt York-PoolGetty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden talked Donald Trump’s presidency at a rally in Las Vegas Saturday, accusing the POTUS of “shredding” American values, the Hill reports.

According to Biden, the United States was founded on an idea, “the American idea, basic fundamental decency, and it’s being shredded.”

American values are “being shredded by a president who’s all about himself. It’s all about Donald,” Biden said.

It is not unusual for the former vice president to take jabs at Donald Trump. The two have exchanged blows on multiple occasions, insulted each other back and forth, even threatened each other with physical assault.

The quarrel culminated in March this year, after President Trump responded to Biden’s earlier remarks and threats of physical violence.

“Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy,” President Trump tweeted, calling Biden “weak,” and adding that the former vice president would “go down fast and hard” in a fight, “crying all the way.”

An outspoken critic of President Trump, Biden has reportedly been eyeing a 2020 presidential run. In September this year, citing individual’s close to Biden, the Associated Press first reported that Biden will make up his mind about running for president by January 2019.

A recent CNN poll shows that 33 percent of Democratic voters want Biden to run in 2020, and prefer the former vice president over other prominent Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and John Kerry.

In an October interview with CBS News, Biden admitted to considering a 2020 presidential run, but said that polling data will not influence his final decision. Barack Obama’s vice president also said that the decision whether to run or not will be based on “private” issues, adding that his age could be a “legitimate issue.”

If it is to judge by Saturday’s rally and Joe Biden’s remarks, the former vice president does not plan on slowing down. Although he did not touch upon the potential 2020 presidential run, Biden openly criticized not just President Donald Trump, but the Republican Party as a whole.

According to Biden, the Republicans are “choosing party over their country,” because of “gerrymandering and unlimited spending.”

Biden urged voters to vote in this fall’s midterms, help the Democratic Party take back the Senate and “change the world.”

According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published today, the Democratic Party holds a nine-point advantage. Increased enthusiasm among women, young voters, and Latinos could tip the scales and produce a much-awaited blue wave, according to NBC.