Tara Reid Mourns The Death Of Her Mother Two Years After Losing Her Father

Tara Reid shared with her Instagram followers Saturday that her mother passed away that day, leaving her heartbroken. TMZ reported that Reid shared on Instagram in August that her mother was ill but was able to attend the premiere of Sharknado 6 with her. That post included a photo of Reid on the red carpet with her mother who was seated in a wheelchair. She captioned the photo with her gratitude.

"So thankful my mother was able to come down the red carpet with me. She's been extremely sick just got out of the ICU. It has been a very hard year also with having my father pass away. It truly meant the world to me."
In her Saturday post, the Ouija House star shared a photo of her parents on their wedding day and indicated that she and her mother were apparently very close as the actress spoke of not knowing who she would call every day with her mother gone. Her father Thomas passed away in December 2016 at the age of 76. She also shared his death on Instagram and called him "a man full of life, love, wisdom, and strength," adding, "He was not only fun and in good spirits, but he was also one of the best story tellers I've ever heard."News of the death of the 42-year-old actress's mother comes days after what she has called a false story about her being removed from a flight for causing a disturbance. The incident in question happened on Monday, October 15. Reid used Instagram to communicate with her fans about what she said really happened on the Delta flight.

Reid said that it started after boarding a flight to New York City when a flight attendant asked her to put her small dog in her carry-on and stow it in the bin above her seat, a suggestion she found "absurd" because "animals cannot breathe in there." She described her reaction as not aggressive or disturbing but calm, saying, "I gracefully declined and deboarded the plane on my own accord." Reid added that she able to quickly catch another flight with another airline she found more pet-friendly and allowed her to travel with her dog on her lap.

Tara Reid has been acting since she was 6-years-old and appeared on a children's game show called Child's Play. Among her best-known roles is the character of Victoria Lathum in the movie American Pie and her role as Bunny in The Big Lebowski.