Where will Mike Holmgren land?

Mike Holmgren took the 2009 NFL season off as a promise to his family. Now it seems that 12 months of not being a part of the NFL has gotten to him and he is longing for a return. Since he has nothing left to achieve as a NFL Head Coach, he has won a Super Bowl, been to two others, and taken two different teams to the big show, he seems likely that he would like to pad his NFL resume with a stint as a NFL General Manager. For his first four seasons in Seattle Holmgren was both Coach and GM, but that rarely works out. Now there are several GM spots open, so the question seems to be where will he wind up.

Many will frown on his NFL draft record with the Seahawks, for whom he served as GM for his first four years there. He did however draft Shaun Alexander and Steve Hutchinson while there, but his overall draft record with the Seahawks was slightly below average. However as a member of the Green Bay packers, and while he did not make the final call he was in on the discussions, he had a very find drafting record. Since Brett Favre was his QB, and started every game while Holmgren was the Coach there, the Packers had an unbelievable record as drafting backup QB’s. They had Mark Brunell, Kurt Warner, Matt Hasselback, Aaron Brooks, and Ty Detmer during his tenure there.

Now that the Seahawks have fired their GM, there is a chance that Holmgren could return there. However there are several other GM spots available including the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills. All three teams will require an extensive rebuild effort, but if Holmgren could turn around the Browns he would be though of very highly. The same would be true of the Bills, not so much with the Seahawks.