YouTuber Shane Dawson Has Shocking Anger-Fueled Outburst On Twitter, Tells User To ‘F*** Off’

Shane Dawson has recently taken over YouTube with his docuseries about famous YouTubers. By nature, Shane picks creators who are a bit controversial. Jeffree Star and Tana Mongeau were his first picks and both creators received a redemptive edit. When Shane announced he wanted to release a series following Jake Paul, fans weren’t happy. Now the whole series is completed after months of work and it seems that a lot of people aren’t entirely happy with the finale or the series as a whole.

Jake Paul is known online for his crazy internet antics and alleged abusive behavior. His ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, came out against Jake Paul after their breakup and accused him of physically abusing her (dragging her down some stairs, for example). Other members of Team 10 (the company Jake Paul basically led) also have their own accusations against the vlogger. The Martinez twins (as they’re commonly referred to in the YouTube community) called Jake out for bullying and using a racial slur against them in their own video. Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s older brother, got in huge trouble at the beginning of 2018 for filming an excursion into Japan’s Suicide Forest. The video, which has since been deleted, featured the body a man who had unfortunately died in the forest (as reported by BBC). By association, Jake was also held accountable by many online During the Jake Paul finale, Jake claimed he had lost millions of dollars due to the fallout from his brother’s actions.

Shane decided to stick with his docuseries even after many fans showed their lack of support. Now, following the almost two-hour finale, Shane is fighting back against haters. One Twitter user tweeted at Shane, “STOP GIVING RACISTS A PLATFORM,” to which Shane explosively responded,

“i just posted hours and hours and hours and hours of content this month FOR FREE literally F*** OFF”

Shane has since deleted his outburst, but internet users were quick to screenshot the moment. A warning, there is explicit language in the original tweet which has since been reuploaded on Reddit.

Following his outburst, Shane took to Twitter to announce he was taking a couple of months off from the internet. While some people are heated over the Jake Paul docuseries, it seems that some fans are willing to stick around for the time being.

The fallout from the Jake Paul docuseries raises a very interesting conflict among viewers. Some seem ready to stick by Shane Dawson (as evidenced by his thousands of retweets and millions of views) while others are ready to ditch the content altogether next time.

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