Heartwarming Video Shows Boy Helping His Little Sister Make A Basketball Shot, Telling Her ‘You’re Strong’

A heartwarming viral video shows the most supportive big brother you’ll ever find helping his little sister sink a basketball shot after a very upsetting setback.

The video was posted by the children’s mom on Instagram early this week, showing the two young children outside at a toy basketball hoop. The outing didn’t start too well for the little girl, who hoisted a basketball about half the size of her body toward the hoop, but she wasn’t quite strong enough to get it through. The ball hit the rim and rolled back, hitting her in the face.

The big brother, who had been cheering his sister on during her initial attempt, rushed to help her as she started to cry, giving kisses to help her feel better and some words of encouragement.

“It’s OK, you’re strong,” he told her.

He then decided to take matters into his own hands — quite literally — and lifted up his sister so she could try a second time. With his help, the little girl threw the basketball through the toy hoop and the little ones celebrated together, with the boy giving his sister another kiss on the cheek. The girl’s tears went away and the video ended showing her with a gigantic smile.

The video has gotten some viral attention, with many praising the young boy for his encouragement and love of his sister. Their mother, Sarahanne Mora of Elk Grove, California, explained that she wanted to share the video so others could see the uplifting message.

“My babies are going viral spreading a message of positivity, support, and love,” she wrote in the description for the video.

The video is now attracting international attention, with the Daily Mail and other U.K. news outlets sharing it with readers and noting the many positive comments that people left.

“Bless you for raising such a compassionate little being!!” one person commented on the Instagram video. Another called the little boy a “fabulous big brother” while many praised their mother for raising such supportive children.

The original Instagram video of the boy helping his little sister dunk a basketball has now been viewed close to 70,000 times, along with countless other repostings across social media. Many people have commented praising the boy for his patience and encouragement of a very frustrated little sister, and others have been happy to share such an uplifting video at a time when much if the news is anything but positive.

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