Two Women Competing On ‘Bachelor: Vietnam’ Decide To Walk Out On The Show And Date Each Other Instead

Lindsey WassonGetty Images

Variations of The Bachelor series have been running worldwide for many years now, and it’s tough to have something happen that hasn’t transpired before. However, the current Vietnam season sent international shockwaves when two bachelorettes realized they had fallen for one another rather than the man handing out roses.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, bachelorette Minh Thu decided that Bachelor star Nguyen Quoc Trung wasn’t her dream mate. Rather, she felt that fellow contestant Truc Nhu might be that person. Thu made a speech about leaving the show, admitting she’d found love with someone else, and she asked Nhu to leave with her.

While Nhu at first seemed ready to leave with Thu, she changed her mind and decided to stay. Now, however, there’s an update on this star-crossed Bachelor pair from the Vietnamese series and it is good news.

According to People, the two women are currently in a relationship together. The news comes from executive producer Anh Tran, who details that the two women have been together ever since leaving the Bachelor during filming.

Apparently, the decision for Nhu to stay was something both women agreed on at the time. They seemingly wanted to make sure that their feelings for one another were real, and not just something that came from the restrictive filming bubble.

The Bachelor producer Anh-Thu Nguyen notes that seeing the two women leave and fall in love with one another is not just a big story for the show, but it’s particularly powerful in “the context of Vietnamese culture.” She noted that they’ve been proud to have this develop and resonate internationally, providing a platform for related discussions.

As the Daily Mail details, Truc and Minh recently talked about their ongoing romance in an After the Final Rose episode. Truc did stay on for two episodes after Minh left. However, she did eventually choose to leave as well, saying that what she was looking for was already gone and at home.

The two Bachelor women were recently photographed together in public, holding hands, and it seems they’ve become fairly comfortable being public with their romance. The jaw-dropping development has become a big story internationally, as it’s certainly not something that is common within the franchise.

Will the relationship between Truc Nhu and Minh Thu last once the spotlight of being on The Bachelor Vietnam fades? Fans seem very excited to see that the two are together and happy and are rooting for them to go the distance.