WWE News: Bray Wyatt Returns To Twitter With Dark Tweets, Teases Two New Characters

For more than a month, Bray Wyatt has been absent from social media, and he hasn’t had a match in WWE since the middle of August. Many have wondered where the tortured soul has been and when he would make his return to television, but Sunday, he may have finally given a clue. Wyatt returned to Twitter and sent out a series of very dark tweets, which not only made mention of his return, but he also teased that two new characters could soon appear.

When Matt Hardy had to be sidelined from in-ring action due to some lingering injuries, Bray Wyatt was left in a bit of limbo. The Deleters of Worlds lost the Raw Tag Team titles and Wyatt was on Monday nights with no real direction or storyline.

His last tweet before Sunday was a retweet of something that Matt Hardy had posted about fulfilling his last live event commitment. This was after talk surfaced that Hardy may end up retiring from in-ring competition to pursue a backstage job with WWE.

On September 6, 2018, Wyatt posted that he was going away for a while to “find himself.” He also tweeted out a picture of WWE’s “Ten Best Factions Of All Time,” and the Wyatt Family was nowhere to be found.

Wyatt wasn’t happy.

The social media silence for Bray Wyatt has been almost as strange as his absence from WWE television, but something has stirred the buzzards. Wrestling Inc. noticed that Wyatt hopped on Twitter on Sunday evening and began ranting in a very dark and bizarre fashion that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Bray Wyatt tweeted out a series of posts that read almost like diary entries and even referenced some “subjects.”

They appear to be somewhat out of order, but there are a few things that can be pulled from the strange and interesting words.

First of all, fans are wondering who the “subject” is in the tweets. Wyatt keeps referring to “Subject,” and it’s a wonder if it is the same one at different times and what exactly is being done to this poor person.

There is another character referenced as well and that would be the mysterious “Dr. M.” It’s possible that this could be a new gimmick or persona for Bray Wyatt and a way of him being reintroduced to WWE television in some form or another, but will he be alone?

In mid-August, the Bludgeon Brothers lost the SmackDown Tag Team titles after Erick Rowan suffered an arm injury. As reported by Bleacher Report, Rowan had to undergo surgery for his torn bicep and was scheduled to miss a number of months.

After losing the titles on the August 21 episode of SmackDown Live, Rowan had surgery and Luke Harper hasn’t been seen since. No one knows when he is scheduled to return to WWE television, but could he possibly be Bray Wyatt’s subject?

Bray Wyatt has been missing in action for almost two months, but it seems as if he is finally ready to head back to Monday Night Raw. WWE may let him build things up a bit first on Twitter, but those first tweets on Sunday certainly helped matters. No one knows the identities of “Dr. M” or Wyatt’s “subject,” but the dark side of the superstar is showing through and may return very soon.

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