Disabled Goldfish Swims With A Little Help From Its Owner [Video]

A disabled goldfish that was unable to swim has been given a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of its owner.

Although sick or unhealthy fish are often given an unceremonious trip down the toilet, one person decided to take the love for the disable pet to another level. According to MSN, the goldfish’s owner put together a harness that allows it to freely float around the tank.

The so-called “underwater wheelchair” keeps the goldfish from sinking to the bottom of the tank. Although the fish looks a little different than its brethren, the owner said the unusual harness definitely beats the alternative.

The goldfish’s caregiver said bobbing around the tank in the harness is “better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!”

The Herald Sun reports that the owner first posted the goldfish and its underwater wheelchair back in 2010. However, the unusual contraption and the kindness of one person has caused the video to explode online.

In addition to building something that would essentially allow the disabled fish live a longer and more enjoyable life, the owner actually feeds the little guy by hand. Video of this incredible act of kindness was also uploaded to YouTube.

Judging from the comments listed under these incredible videos, many people are surprised that someone would go to such great lengths to keep the fish alive and healthy.

One user wrote:

“It’s a nice gesture, many would’ve just flushed the goldfish or let it suffer a life at the bottom of the tank. Glad to see you have a heart.”

Another viewer seemed eager to acquire the blueprints for the fish’s harness.

“I would totally buy it if you had the plans/blueprints or the item itself on eBay, I think a lot of people would because it’s such a kooky thing, but at the same time obviously useful to some of us.”

Both videos have been included below.