Kevin Garnett Trade Rumors Addressed By The Man Himself

Kevin Garnett trade whispers have been plentiful in recent days, though there’s one man we’re yet to hear from on the subject: Kevin Garnett.

The veteran center has finally responded to the recent speculation linking him to the Los Angeles Clippers. Speaking to Brian Robb of, Garnett talked about how he was dealing with the incessant rumors:

“Danny [Ainge] made it very obvious since day one when he brought me and Ray [Allen] here to be aligned with Paul [Pierce] that he was going to do whatever was best for the organization. He’s made that apparent so I’ve understood that.

“I bleed green, I die green, that’s what it is, but it’s a business though, and when it crossed the paths, I’ll deal with it. Trades are a part of this league. Every year you are going to hear certain things. If I were ya’ll I wouldn’t read much into it.”

While Garnett’s “I bleed green” sentiment seems to suggest an unwavering commitment to the Celtics, other parts of the 36-year-old’s statement (“Trades are a part of this league”) make it sound as though he’s keeping his options open.

Whether or not a Kevin Garnett trade is on the cards, plenty of pundits are happy to weigh in on the consequences of such a deal. Rob Golder at Bleacher Report writes:

“It is obvious why [the Clippers] would look to an established player as a way to end these struggles. Unfortunately, Garnett is not that player. The 36-year-old player cannot move like he used to and would slow down the fast pace that the Clippers like to play.

“While he is still a serviceable player, Garnett’s numbers are way below his career averages. He is averaging only 14.8 points per game, and his 7.3 rebounds per game is currently tied for the lowest since his rookie year.”

What do you make of the Kevin Garnett trade rumors? Do you believe the star’s non-committal response is a hint of a deal to come?

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