Victoria’s Secret Model Josephine Skriver Dons Lacy Bra In Recent Instagram Photo

Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver looked fabulous in a photo she recently shared on Instagram. She wore a black, lacy bra and some high-waisted light denim. Skriver casually placed her right arm on fellow VS model Lais Ribeiro. Josephine wore her hair down, along with some gold dots drawn below her eyes. She accessorized with some necklaces, as Lais wore a white crop-top and shorts.

According to Josephine’s Victoria Secret page, she can’t live without her phone, friends, family, sleep, and food. She also said the most glamorous part of her job is “Getting to see all these exotic places and learning about different cultures around the world.”

The model was spotted at the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book collection party, where she sported a chic, light pink dress, according to the Daily Star. It had an asymmetrical hemline, with the right side of her dress revealing a ton of leg. Josephine wore some nude sandals, a bracelet, and necklace.

And earlier this month, Skriver wowed during a VS fashion shoot in SoHo, detailed the Daily Mail. For the occasion, she wore a bright red leather jacket, dark denim dress, and some black boots. The dress had a high slit, and she also wore some bright red lipstick to match the top.

This model has an interesting story to tell. As she revealed to Vogue, she was “illegally conceived” by her gay parents. This is how she described the situation.

“In vitro fertilization was forbidden in Denmark back then, so technically I was illegally conceived. As far as I’m concerned, they’re pioneers.”

And when she was asked, “Have you ever talked about ‘how’ you were conceived?” this was her response.

“To an extent. IVF became legal four years after I was born, so the hospitals refused to help them. So they bought a kind of fertilization kit from a pharmacy, and that was that. I’m here and I’ve never wanted to know more about it.”

Because of Josephine’s background, she’s become a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community, especially for the youth. This is what she had to say about the matter to Hashtag Legend.

“Being a rainbow kid myself, I want to share my story and hopefully help and inspire a few. Right now, I’m involved with Colage, Family Equality and Keep a Child Alive. Kids are just so important in this world. They’re unicorns – and should be protected from any harm and all hate so they’re able to live in a world full of freedom, love and promise.”

In other news, Skriver also shared a photo of her dress from the Tiffany & Co. event on her Instagram. Her fans sent her tons of love, letting her know that she looked “perfect,” “very beautiful,” and “too gorgeous.” A video also showed her getting ready, as she smiled and played with her hair as people took photos.

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