‘Sister Wives’ Star ‘Moved To Tears’ On Twitter

Ethan MillerGetty Images

A star of TLC’s Sister Wives was “moved to tears” on Twitter as they posted some comments regarding a special video that gave them pause to think about their life.

Meri Brown, Kody Brown’s first wife, took to Twitter to share how she became moved to “tears a few times” while watching Reed Cowan speak at a TEDx event.

Reed Cowan is a man who had suffered through his own pain of losing his son Wesley and overcame tragedy by starting The Wesley Smiles Foundation to help children in need.

He posted a video made in 2017 to his official Twitter on how to deal with pain on October 1, and Meri posted to the speaker that she was “moved to tears” when she watched it.

Cowan said in his tweet, “On this 1 October, as so many of us work to make pain useful, I share with you this and what I have learned after my own tragedy about turning pain into purpose.”

Cowan likely reposted the link to the video in honor of the first anniversary of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre.

Brown noted in her tweet to Cowan, “So many things to be learned from you. Honored to call you my friend.”

The video likely resonated with Brown for several reasons. She has dealt with much turmoil over the past several years.

Brown dissolved her legal marriage to Kody Brown so he could marry sister wife Robyn and legally adopt her children. She then found herself adrift after only daughter Mariah left the family home, leaving her the first empty-nester of the family. Meri sought companionship online, leading her to be catfished by a woman impersonating a man online.

Meri then learned her daughter was gay and had to adapt to a shift in the dynamic of their relationship. Longing for something to call her own, she convinced her family to help her fund Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a family home that was up for purchase and was running as a bed and breakfast. Brown took over ownership of the home and ran it, commuting back and forth from her Las Vegas home to Parowan, Utah, where the property was located.

Now the family has undertaken another big change. The supersized clan, which includes husband Kody and his wives Christine, Robyn, and Janelle Brown, are now in the midst of moving to Arizona.

With all the change that has engulfed her in such a short time, Meri was likely moved by Cowan’s uplifting message of overcoming pain and adversity, leading to her supportive comments.

A new season of Sister Wives is forthcoming on TLC. A date for the start of a new batch of shows has not yet been released by the network.