Top 5 Sexiest Female Cosplays At New York Comic Con 2018

New York Comic Con 2018 has come to a close, and the top five sexiest female cosplays from the weekend have been identified. While some of the big names in the cosplay universe sat the event out this year, there were plenty of hardcore, and casual, cosplayers making their mark. Everything from anime to The Walking Dead was represented, with some seriously sexy cosplays that ranged from literal representations to looks that fell more along the lines of being inspired by a character, but with plenty of room for interpretation.

While Bob Lively took home the award for the NYCC Championships of Cosplay, per the NYCC 2018 website, he barely edged out some seriously talented female cosplayers that could have easily taken home a win had the vote swayed a tad in the other direction. Congratulations to Lively on his win, and congratulations to not only everyone that competed this year, but everyone that put in the time and effort to assemble amazing cosplays, because that is the show within the show that is better every year. Plus, how often can you watch the Doctor, surrounded by a collection of cosplayers portraying all of the other Doctors?

This Poison Ivy cosplay, by Primdonna Cosplays, had plenty of attention at NYCC 2018, as could be seen by the amount of photos taken of it. Here Andie is looking amazing with a Harley Quinn cosplayer that looks like they are having a great time, and look super together.
Avi went next level with her Rose Quartz cosplay, and became a major attraction putting together a cosplay with a high level of detail, that was always very sexy. This was definitely one of the cosplays to not miss at NYCC 2018.
Reinforcing why she was so hot at NYCC 2018, Avi went next level, doing multiple cosplays for the weekend, and absolutely slaying. Top to bottom, her cosplay game was fully on point, and it is hard to argue that anyone looked better than her all weekend.Serah Chu took it to the max with her Misa cosplay, but like so many others, she pulled off multiple looks and killed each time. While Chu is well versed at cosplaying multiple characters, even at single events, She says Misa is her favorite, and looking at her smile while playing her, it is easy to see why.Finally, this cosplay from L.A.N Party drips with sex appeal and the work that went into creating it is evident. Without a doubt, she put together an amazing cosplay and looks like she had fun doing it. Thanks once again to all the talented cosplayers and photographers that made cosplaying NYCC 2018 a great time.