Fans Rally Behind Jordan Kimball As Jenna Cooper Accuses Him Of Being The Mastermind Behind Cheating Scandal

Paul HebertABC

As if things weren’t already messy and dramatic between Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper, things seem to be taking another turn as the latter made the bombshell claim that Jordan was the mastermind behind the Bachelor in Paradise cheating scandal. Kimball took to Instagram to publicize the threatening letter from Jenna’s lawyer, and fans have rallied for Jordan, each with their own theory of what is actually happening. In general, there aren’t any comments on Jordan’s Instagram that suggest that they think he’s lying, or that he’s really the one that created the fake texts. After all, that would be quite the work of deception on Kimball’s part. Instead, most people believe that Jenna is lying, and that she’s trying to get out of the situation without having to admit her wrongdoing.

Some fans were shocked by the threatening tone of the letter. One person said, “wt*!! Is this actually from a real lawyer? How embarrassing [cry-laughing emoji]” while another noted, “This is such an unprofessional and threatening email! Her lawyer sucks.”

One person addressed the first section where the lawyer fixates on how Jenna supposedly only ever called Jordan “princess,” and directed this message at Cooper.

“You are pathetic. Stop the circus and move on. Everyone knows you’re guilty and this frantic trying to cover your a** just shows how immoral you really are. Literally no other woman on earth calls men princess. So weird. Poor Jordan.”

While the letter suggested that the use of the nickname “princess” is evidence that Jordan fabricated the fake texts, his fans aren’t buying it.

Moreover, one person had a good point, suggesting Jordan ought to get a lawyer of his own.

“if they make toy [sic] come forward before presenting the evidence that means they are tricking you into an confession that has no proof. [I]f they had proof they would present it to the media. [I]’m sure they are fabricating the proof as well I would suggest Jordan to file a lawsuit of wrongfully accusing him for these crimes.”

Indeed, if Jenna is serious about pursuing the matter through a lawyer, it might make sense for Jordan to get one just to protect himself.

Other Bachelor in Paradise fans believe that Jordan sharing the letter alone is proof to them that he’s innocent. Some people pined for the early days when the two seemed to be a happy, loving couple. Meanwhile, many people let Jordan know that he probably dodged a bullet, considering they think that Jenna is escalating the drama even though she’s actually guilty.

The identity of the man who reportedly came forward to supply the text messages to the Reality Steve blog is still unknown. The texts were used as proof to show that Jenna was allegedly only using the BIP show and Jordan in order to further her business pursuits.