Jung Yunho Of TVXQ: #Happy28thYunho Goes Viral For Kpop Star’s 28th Birthday

Jung Yunho is celebrating his 28th birthday today. The leader of the South Korean k-pop boy band TVXQ apparently will be celebrating this particular birthday with the rest of the world since the hash tag #Happy28thYunho has gone viral on Twitter.

Jung Yunho is also known as U-Know Yunho as his stage name. According to Wikipedia, Jung Yunho chose this name because as the leader of the group, he wants to understand everybody as in “I know you” and “I know that you know that I know you, so you know that I know that we know each other”.

As of November of 2010, TVXQ consists of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. For TVXQ’s fifth Korean album, Keep Your Head Down, Jung had his own solo “Honey Funny Bunny.” When the posthumous Michael Jackson concert series made its way to Korea, Jung Yunho had the chance to perform.

The kpop star has led an active acting career since 2005 when Jung Yunho first appeared in a mini-drama series. Even in the context of the roles he’s playing, Jung Yunho’s careers have been varied. At the press conference for SBS? Yawang held on January 9, Jung Yunho joked about this fact:

“I started as a soccer player, went on to become a public official and now I?m a rich boy. I?ve moved up the social ladder.”

For anyone wanting to congratulate Jung Yunho on his 28th birthday, you can go to Twitter. While I could not find an official account for his name, I’m sure he can’t help but notice that the world has its attention on him for this special day.


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