‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Season 14 Premiere Brings Episode 300, Killer Who Has 300 Victims

Wednesday night brings the Season 14 premiere of Criminal Minds and spoilers tease that this will be a wild episode. Not only is this the beginning of the 14th run of episodes, but the October 3 show is also the 300th for the series. From the sounds of things, the team behind the show has a doozy of a story cooked up for this one.

TVLine talked with showrunner Erica Messer to get her take on this episode which is simply titled “300.” Messer says that one main focus for the team is someone who has killed 300 people. As far-fetched as the premise may seem, Erica says that there is a precedent for a killer like this with the Monster of the Andes case involving Pedro Lopez.

Last spring brought a big cliffhanger and Criminal Minds spoilers reveal that Wednesday’s show picks up just moments after where the Season 13 finale ended. As TV Guide recaps, last April the finale ended with Reid having to decide whether to give himself up so he could potentially save Garcia.

Viewers won’t see the standoff at that crucial moment. However, Reid will indeed let himself be taken in hopes that it’ll lead to an opportunity to save Garcia.

Criminal Minds spoilers detail that Wednesday’s show kicks into gear with the team hustling to Quantico to try to figure out how to save Garcia and Reid. While fans can expect the BAU team to save these two fan-favorite characters, people will see that this experience will have a serious impact on Garcia going forward.

A sneak peek shared by TVLine reveals that the team will quickly find footage of Reid with VICAP Special Agent Mary Meadows at the key moment that turned everything upside down. Reid will have been cognizant enough to use sign language to send a message to his team via the video footage and this will be central in the BAU crew pinning down what to do next.

Long-time viewers have a lot more to look forward to with “300,” as Criminal Minds spoilers reveal that there will be numerous tributes to the show’s history incorporated throughout the episode. Entertainment Weekly shares that Luke Perry will be back as cult leader Benjamin Cyrus, which viewers last saw during Season 4. Apparently, quite a few other familiar faces will pop up during Wednesday’s show as well.

Right now, Messer and her team are working off the plan that this season will contain 15 episodes. It’s possible that CBS will add additional shows, but in terms of storytelling, the plan right now is 15. Criminal Minds spoilers hint that people will get to see more personal moments and some backstory emerging related to some of the BAU team members as these upcoming shows air and there is no shortage of creepy cases ahead as well.

How wild will Season 14 of Criminal Minds get? Spoilers for Wednesday’s premiere hint that this is going to be a crazy show and that there’s a lot more wild stuff in the works that fans won’t want to miss.

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