Couple Wins Lottery Twice In Same Day

Some people go a lifetime without winning the lottery. Some go decades between wins. And others, like couple Stephen and Terri Weaver, win the lottery twice in the same day.

According to the CS Monitor, the Arkansas couple bought a lottery ticket on their way to a fishing trip. They stopped at the same store on their way home and bought another ticket.

According to the Magnolia Reporter, the Weavers bought a $20 $1,000,000 Riches ticket and a $10 $250,00 Taxes Paid scratch off ticket at T Rick’s convenience store in Pangburn, Arkansas.

The couple ended up winning $1 million with one ticket and $50,000 with the other.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission said that Stephen and Terri Weaver claimed the money on Monday and said that they planned to pay of some bills and invest in their retirement. The ALC did not know if they caught any fish on their trip.

Lottery spokesman Kevin McCarthy told the Magnolia Reporter that a couple winning the lottery twice in the same day may be absurd, but it still happens. McCarthy said: “And yet it happens. It happened! It is (as always) the luck of the draw.”