Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry Engagement Is Likely To Happen Soon, Per ‘People’

Andreas RentzGetty Images

Though the couple hasn’t yet made a public announcement, a source close to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom reportedly told PEOPLE that Bloom seems ready to ask Perry the big question. The 41-year-old actor and 33-year-old singer have been back together since the spring, after taking a break from their year-long relationship in February 2017. The two celebrities seem to be big supporters of each other, which is a must if they will be getting engaged. Apparently, Bloom attended his girlfriend’s Tokyo concert in March, and Perry flew to London for 24 hours so she could watch him perform in The Killer. It sounds like things are better than ever for the couple, according to the unidentified source.

“Orlando doesn’t have a ring yet but has been talking about the future. Everyone would be excited if they got engaged. Katy is wonderful!” said Bloom’s friend.

However, the couple seems to be keeping their relationship under wraps, for the most part, a source told ET Online. Apparently, their split the first time was due to pressures of being a celebrity couple in the public eye.

“They both agreed that one of the main reasons for their last split was the pressures of constantly being in the public eye and not taking the time alone to just be together,” said the source.

This time around, Katy wants to make sure that she and Orlando see each other often, out of the public eye, the source also said. The couple has been spending much time overseas to avoid paparazzi, too.

“They get a chance to feel ‘normal’ and see what a real future together could be.”

But it seems like, despite best efforts, it can be hard to stay out of the public eye. That’s what Perry’s recent comment on Bloom’s Instagram post seems to suggest. After Bloom shared a trailer for the Killer Joe play, his girlfriend responded with a flirtatious message.

“I need a season pass for that a**,” said Perry, which she then followed with an “oops” moment.

“Oops I meant to send that to you privately,” the singer followed.

ET‘s inside source also revealed more about the couple’s plans for their newly renovated relationship. Apparently, the two think that with time and effort, their public relationship will be easier to handle. The source claims that Bloom has matured more, leaving his reckless party days behind him. But though they are more serious, it doesn’t mean they are in a hurry to rush things, the source said. That seems a little off from PEOPLE‘s source who says they may be engaged soon. Only time will tell.