Kelly Clarkson Throws Shade At Ben Affleck On ‘The Voice,’ Says Michael Keaton Was Better Batman

Kelly Clarkson is apparently not a Ben Affleck fan. At least, not when it comes to his portrayal of Batman. With the 15th season of The Voice in full swing, judges were surprised to meet contestant Steve Memmelo Monday night, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Batman star Affleck. Hollywood Life reports that when The Voice judges saw Memmelo after he sang “Spooky” by Classics IV, Levine pointed out that it was like “if Ben Affleck could sing Aretha Franklin.” Without missing a beat, Clarkson chimed in to share her opinion on the best Batman actor, who she said was not Affleck.

“I just really want you to go, ‘I’m Batman,” joked the singer.

“But Michael Keaton was the better Batman. I’m sorry.”

Clarkson did not appear to be “sorry” at all for her honest share of opinion. Levine, however, pointed out that the contestant they were speaking of was not Affleck himself, so there was no shame in her sharing so openly. But it seems that Levine is not so fast to criticize Affleck.

“I just feel like there’s so much more to Affleck than Batman...He’s not actually Ben Affleck. He’s not going to get offended!” exclaimed Levine.

Perhaps Memmelo appreciated Levine’s support for his doppelganger because he ultimately chose the Maroon 5 singer to be his coach. However, Clarkson could still not let that Batman opinion go. Apparently, the singer loves Michael Keaton so much that she once named a car after him.

“Michael Keaton was the best Batman, though. I named my car Keaton because of it. I’m obsessed.”

Clarkson’s comment comes at a tough time for Affleck, who is currently continuing rehab for alcoholism after successfully completing 30 days of treatment, as the Inquisitr previously reported. Sources say that because of high insurance costs, the actor will most likely be dropped from future Batman films. Even if that’s not the case, the actor’s role as Batman continues to be questioned by fans, says Heroic Hollywood. He already stepped down from his role of directing The Batman, and apparently, his performance in Justice League fell short. It wouldn’t be surprising if the actor is replaced by another star in the infamous role. Maybe a new actor would give Clarkson a run for her money.

However, Heroic Hollywood also points out that Affleck seems to be in tip-top Batman shape despite his rehab status. The actor has continued a strenuous exercise program throughout treatment, which has brought his body back to resembling his famous character’s physique. The Voice contestant Memmolo doesn’t seem to measure up to Affleck in that regard.

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