Ex-WWE Star Joins ‘Survivor 37’ Cast, Already Loved By The Show’s Fans For His Hilarious Confessional

WWE fans everywhere might notice one of the castaways on this season of “Survivor.” John Hennigan, perhaps you know him by one of his many nicknames or by John Morrison, is sure to be a physical threat in the competition as the season progresses. In the Wednesday night premiere of the episode, Hennigan took time in his confessional to list out the many names he goes by. The former WWE star has gone independent since his time with the entertainment company, but his skill set is still popular among die-hard wrestling fans. Known for his creativity, charisma, and personality, Hennigan could be the one to watch this season.

In a clip from Wednesday’s episode, Hennigan goes in-depth about his wrestling personas. in his confessional, he lists his many wrestling names. The confessional, which has been shared by fans across multiple platforms, is already known as one of the premiere’s iconic moments (one of the others, according to the Inquisitr, being a medical evacuation). Castaways who bring a lot of personality to the show are usually vehemently loved or hated by the audience. It looks like people are leaning towards supporting Hennigan, whose only impression on the show so far is that of a hardworking pro-wrestler with ironically hilarious confessionals.

The wrestler is on the Goliath tribe, which is in direct opposition with the David tribe. Drawing inspiration from the old tale of David vs. Goliath, this season is all about pitting underdogs against outwardly successful people. Clearly, Hennigan is outwardly successful in almost every sense of the word. He’s physically fit, charismatic, and has made a successful career out of wrestling.

From his pre-season interviews, it seems that Hennigan has a strong head on his shoulders. “The Mayor of Slamtown,” (that’s just one of his amazing nick names) thinks Survivor is all about “being emphatically yourself”. That sort of attitude may help him win the $1 million dollar grand prize. CBS shows like “Big Brother” and “Survivor” feature a jury-vote of peers at the end to determine the winner. And, as seen in the last few seasons of either show, a likable person is usually more likely to win since a cutthroat player may leave some players bitter.

If Hennigan stays genuine and helpful around camp, he could go all the way. He’s aware that people may think he’s a “meathead,” but looks can be deceiving. The wrestling star already has 1 million followers on Twitter, proving he may just be able to walk away with a fan favorite award if this season features it.

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