Lance Bass Says ‘N Sync Reunion Unlikely

COMMENTARY | Former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass says a reunion is unlikely, stating that its most popular member, Justin Timberlake, is far too busy.

According to Contact Music, The “Bye Bye Bye” boy band ‘N Sync split up a decade ago and some of them went their own ways. Fans have been holding out hope that ‘N Sync would be next after other boy bands such as New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees reunited last year.

And everybody else is just fine with it, or really doesn’t care.

Lance Bass told Life & Style magazine:

“I don’t think we’re doing anything, I don’t think it would happen. Everyone is doing their own thing. Justin’s doing his thing. I don’t think he would have a moment off to do an ‘N Sync album. He’s the busy one.”

Justin Timberlake isn’t even that close to his former bandmates. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, none of the members of ‘N Sync were invited to his wedding last year in Italy.

According to the Huffington Post, this year has seen the return of Fall Out Boy, Destiny’s Child, and My Bloody Valentine, so the idea wouldn’t seem entirely out of the question. It’s just that with movies, Saturday Night Live, and various solo music performances, Justin Timberlake just has no time for the other boys of ‘N Sync.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after taking time off from music (six years), Justin Timberlake recently released a new single, and announced an upcoming album. Justin Timberlake is booked to perform at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

So no, ‘N Sync fans, no reunion for you.

Are you sad at Lance Bass’ announcement that ‘N Sync is not going to have a reunion due to Justin Timberlake being too busy? Or do you really not care?