Justin Timberlake Snubs ‘N Sync Band Mates, Doesn’t Invite Them To His Wedding

Justin Timberlake’s former band mates from N’Sync are raising a fuss about not being invited to the star’s wedding. Timberlake married Hollywood star Jessica Beil. Timberlake’s band mates are saying that he snubbed them by not inviting them to his wedding in Italy.

A source close to the other band members told the New York Post:

“The band were not invited and are pretty upset about it. But the wedding guests were mainly close family and friends,”

Timberlake made his name with the boy band N’Sync, which sold millions of records in the 90s by appealing to the entire nation of teenage girls at the time. Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone were all part of the band with Timberlake. After the band broke up, Timberlake was the only one who went on to succeed on his own.

TMZ reports that Chasez attended his brother’s wedding on the same weekend, so it wouldn’t have made a difference if he was invited. Fatone was in Los Angeles, and Bass at an event in San Diego. TMZ says Kirkpatrick was in Italy, but there is no evidence that he made it to the wedding.

Timberlake wed Biel at an ultra secret wedding in Italy last week. The couple reportedly only wanted really close friends and family to be a part of it, most likely to avoid turning it into a press spectacle. Since the wedding, Biel has been spotted sporting a huge wedding ring.

People magazine reportedly paid more than $300,000 dollars for a couple of photos from the wedding.

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