‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers & Casting: Emma’s Best Friend, Tiffany, Reminds Her Of Jealousy Issues

Johnny VyCBS

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that audiences are finally going to get the dish on Emma’s (Nia Sioux) backstory when her best friend Tiffany (Maile Brady) comes to visit. Part of the reason that so many viewers don’t feel invested in the younger characters’ storyline is that Emma, Xander (Adain Bradley), and Zoe (Kiara Barnes) were slapped onto the screen with no prior history and an assumption that fans would automatically gravitate towards these new characters.

Although we’ve learned something of Xander and Zoe’s past, we know nothing about Emma save that she is Justin Barber’s (Aaron D. Spears) niece. BB fans would also have noticed that she is prone to jealousy and insecurity. However, Zoe and Xander used to be lovers and Brit did fly across an ocean to be with him, so viewers have always felt that at least some of her feelings were justified.

Enter Tiffany. According to Entertainment Tonight, Maile Brady will make her debut as Emma’s best friend on Friday, October 5. Savvy viewers may remember her face from various children’s programs, but Bold and the Beautiful will be the 15-year-old’s first role on broadcast television. If you aren’t caught up on all the kids shows, you may notice that her face bears a marked resemblance to her Let’s Make a Deal host father, Wayne Brady.

According to the spoiler photos released by CBS, Tiffany is really impressed with her friend’s gig. She certainly does not let the opportunity go to waste and takes a selfie with the iconic Forrester Creations logo in the background. Tiffany enjoys keeping it real.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Emma will soon open up to her friend. Viewers know that she has been having a really hard time with Xander and Zoe working together. The Inquisitr reports that on Wednesday, October 3, she will even confront her boyfriend about how cozy they seem. According to Soaps She Knows, she will even accuse Xander of encouraging Zoe’s advances.

Maile Brady of "The Bold and the Beautiful" taking a selfie at Forrester Creations
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Emma will tell Tiffany about the situation with Xander. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that all of them work at Forrester Creations and she is charged with keeping a professional front. Tiffany, who knows her friend, reminds her to keep her jealousy issues in check, and per Soap Central, warns her friend not to let the past repeat itself.

It seems as if Ms. Emma Barber’s personality is not as boring as the weddings B&B dishes up every second month. Could Emma have a problem with jealousy and insecurity? And more to the point, how does the issue present itself? If Emma has a rage issue, Xander could find himself in a predicament between two very off-kilter women. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.