After Pennsylvania Man With Stage 4 Cancer Holds Yard Sale To Fund His Funeral, Community Pitches In To Help

After learning that he is dying of cancer, a Pennsylvania man decided to sell his belongings to prepare for his passing.

For several weekends in August, Vietnam War veteran Willie Davis held yard sales so he can raise enough money to pay for his own funeral.

Davis was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma and did not expect to live long, so he decided to sell his clothes, DVDs, furniture and other items. He hoped that the amount he would raise could help him afford to be buried next to his parents in Virginia.

David Dunkleberger and his friend Ed Sheets happened to attend one of these yard sales. They did not know about Davis’ situation until they were was about to leave from the sale. As they were paying for the items, Davis asked them to spread the word to everyone who might be interested in his sale since he was raising money for a funeral.

Dunkleberger asked whose funeral it is. Davis answered that it is his own.

Dunkleberger and Sheets thought about the conversation and decided they would help the man. They went to Davis’ home and asked permission to help.

“He’s done a lot of serving our country, so we wanted to kind of return the favor to him so that, again, his last days could be a little less hectic, a little more peaceful to him,” Sheets told WJAC.

A chair sold at a garage sale
Featured image credit: Pixabay

Dunkleberger and Sheets created a GoFundMe page for Davis. The objective was to raise money that would allow Davis to be buried next to his family once he passes away.

If there is money left over from the funds, Dunkleberger said this will be donated to another veteran in need.

“Willie’s sister is in charge of selecting the funeral arrangements once the time comes, and we will transfer the money straight to the funeral home for payment,” Dunkleberger wrote.

“After Willie passes away, the funds will be withdrawn in my name and a check will be distributed to the funeral home for 100% of the donations towards his funeral costs.”