Fullerton Coach Killed: Monica Quan And Fiance Shot To Death

Fullerton basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance were killed Sunday night in California, according to police. At this time, officials have not reported any suspects or motive pertaining to the tragedy.

Authorities confirmed the identities of two fatal gunshot victims found yesterday as 28-year-old Monica Quan and her 27-year-old fiance Keith Lawrence. The couple was discovered shot to death in a car outside their condominium complex.

The Orange County Register reports that authorities were alerted to the couple’s location after witnesses saw Lawrence slumped over his car’s steering wheel. When police arrived at the scene Quan was found in the front passenger side with her fiance beside her in the driver’s seat.

While few details have been released to the public, officials believe the couple had been dead for some time before being discovered. The fatal incident appears to have taken place where the bodies were found. The couple had just recently moved into the building.

Irvine Police Lieutenant Julia Engen has stated that the evidence at the scene indicates that Quan and Lawrence were not the victims of a robbery, making the cause of their killing a mystery for now.

The Associated Press writes that Keith Lawrence and Monica Quan were graduates of Concordia University where they each played basketball. As an assistant coach at Cal State Fullerton, Quan was in her second season in the position.

Counselors will be on hand for staff and students-athletes at the university as the community tries to cope with the loss of two of its beloved members. University president Mildred Garcia released the following statement in regards to Quan’s death:

“The loss of any member of the Titan family causes our community great grief, but the loss of one of our own under these circumstances is indeed tragic and heart-wrenching. We hope that Monica’s family and friends will feel and be comforted by our support during this difficult time.”

In the meantime, Irvine investigators will continue their search for the person who killed the Fullerton coach and her fiance.