‘3 From Hell’ Gets Major Endorsement From Star Bill Moseley, Promising Gratuitous Violence

It’s no secret Rob Zombie’s movies are notably violent. In the early 2000s, Zombie’s movie, House of 1000 Corpses, was shelved by Universal Pictures for being too violent. The movie was later picked up by Lionsgate Films and gained a cult following.

Since then, Zombie released sequel to House Of 1000 Corpses titled The Devil’s Rejects, which manages to seriously up the ante on the brutality of its predecessor and further cemented Rob Zombie as a horror filmmaker. Other Rob Zombie films, like his remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween, Halloween 2, The Lords of Salem, and 31 have all proven that Rob Zombie is not shy when it comes to including excessive amounts of blood and violence in his movies.

According to Comic Book, Rob Zombie isn’t about to tone things down yet. According to the report, Bill Moseley, the star of the upcoming Devil’s Rejects sequel, 3 From Hell, has promised fans that there will be plenty gratuitous violence contained in the film.

“From what I’ve heard from Rob, he’s very happy and excited about what he’s got, and it’s chockablock with gratuitous violence, which is great, because lately there have been a lot of good horror movies that just don’t have a lot of that. I mean, the violence is skillful, it’s effective, but it’s not gratuitous, and that’s what I think the fans are missing. I think we just want a lot of violence for violence’s sake — decapitations, shotguns to the face, just general a**kickin’ stuff that we’re not really getting much of these days.”‘

He’s definitely a reliable source, as Bill Moseley portrays perhaps the most sadistic villain in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. He recently reprised that role of Otis B. Driftwood for the upcoming film, 3 From Hell, it seems likely Otis, Captain Spaulding, and Baby Firefly have not yet broken their bad habit of brutally murdering anyone who crosses their path.

Actors Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, director Rob Zombie and Danny Trejo pose backstage at the fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Kevin WInter / Getty Images

Little is known about the plot, as the details have been kept top secret, but some released stills from the upcoming film seem to indicate a prison setting where the Firefly clan is being incarcerated. This has proven confusing for many horror fans, as all three of the main villains were presumably killed in a hail of bullets at the end of The Devil’s Rejects.

Rob Zombie is currently in post-production for 3 From Hell, and hopes to have it in theaters by early 2019. After completing his co-headlining tour with Marilyn Manson, the Twins Of Evil Tour Part 2, Rob Zombie went immediately into editing 3 From Hell.