Fans Aren’t Happy About The ‘Big Brother 20’ Finale & It Has Nothing To Do With Who Won

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Last night, the “Big Brother” finale aired live and Kaycee Clark was crowned the winner of one of the best seasons in recent memory. However, many fans are criticizing CBS for the awkward and rushed layout of the finale — as many feel it didn’t give the final two enough time to plead their case to the jury. Popular social media platform reddit is one of the key sites that offers some insight into how the most loyal fans of the show feel about last night’s episode.

Tyler Crispen, who was a fan favorite — he was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest — placed second after losing to ally Kaycee by just one single vote. Tyler’s game was admittedly complex and many are saying that he didn’t have enough time in his forty-five-second speech to accurately convey why he should be the winner.

The race between Kaycee and Tyler was neck-and-neck. Precious seconds in a final eviction speech could have made the difference between who got runner-up and who walked away with the crown.

Even if Tyler could somehow manage to explain his intricate game in forty-five-seconds, others still critiqued the use of air-time in general. A whole segment was devoted to Swaggy C’s proposal to Bayleigh Dayton — a couple that spent a total of twenty-three days in the house together. A lot of fans frankly didn’t care about Swaggy, as he was evicted back at the beginning of the summer and his persona rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Other pre-jury members didn’t speak at all which was surprising considering how players like Kaitlyn and Rachel were evicted.

In a reddit thread, fans talked about how sorry they felt for Bayleigh — the young woman being put through a seriously dramatic decision on live television without any prior knowledge. User JoRo86 commented, “Anyone else p***ed we got the proposal garbage instead of hearing from Kaitlin, Steve, Rachel, or Winston!? Swaggy always steals screen time from stuff I actually want to see!”

This insight was met with a lot of agreement, and was echoed throughout the thread.

Many reddit users critiqued the questioning format as well. Kaycee and Tyler were two very different players, and it seemed that they were given very generic questions that lacked any real substance.

Swaggy C got more time to propose than either of the final two received in order to explain their games. JC Mounduix, who was the last person evicted just moments before the final vote, didn’t get to ask any questions at all — which may have left him totally confused and frustrated at the overall scope of the game.

When Julie Chen Moonves started to read the votes for the winner, a lot of the houseguests were still congratulating Bayleigh and Swaggy. Many viewers obviously thought it was distracting, and took away from the overall grandeur of the final votes.

CBS had a lot to cram into their 90-minute time slot. However, there are steps that production might have taken to allow for a less rushed finale. Many are proposing that the look-back episode — which usually airs the Sunday before the finale — could be thrown out altogether in favor of airing more parts of the final HOH competition.

All in all, fans are relatively supportive of this season of “Big Brother” after the unsuccessful season previous. It’s understandably disappointing for followers of the show to be let down during the final episode of an otherwise fantastic season.