Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Corinne Olympios Thinks Colton Underwood Is Lying About His Virginity

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Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Corinne Olympios is back in the headlines and making waves once again. Olympios generated a lot of buzz when she appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and things got crazy during Season 4 of BIP when she joined the cast in Mexico. Now Corinne is back and is sharing her opinions on Colton Underwood, specifically, regarding whether she thinks he’s being truthful about still being a virgin.

As Bachelor fans know, Colton Underwood’s virginity has been a frequent topic of conversation during his two previous franchise appearances and it’ll certainly be brought up regularly this winter as he hands out roses. Numerous fans have questioned whether he’s telling the truth about this subject, but so far, nobody has come out claiming to personally know otherwise.

Olympios shared during an interview with the Domenick Nati Show earlier this week that she is picking up some insincerity from Underwood and she’s not buying that he’s a virgin. Corinne says that she doesn’t know why, but she doesn’t fully believe he’s being truthful about his virginity. The former Bachelor contestant also recently told Page Six that she hopes Colton finds love soon, as she thinks the storyline is pretty exhausted at this point.

Corinne admits that she thought Blake Horstmann should have gotten the gig, noting that she likes Blake a lot. However, she figures that the show went with Colton since he’s a crowd favorite. When asked what advice Olympios would give to Underwood, she said that he should make sure not to let the fame go to his head.

The former Bachelor contestant does say that she’s in a relationship now and has been for about six months, and she thinks this could be her future husband. However, if it were offered to her and if she were single, Corinne says she’d absolutely be open to being The Bachelorette.

When asked which other contestants she likes or dislikes, she sang Jordan Kimball’s praises, but she still dislikes Taylor Nolan from her season. Corinne Olympios never found love thanks to the Bachelor franchise, and her spin in Paradise caused a lot of chaos. It seems rather unlikely that she’ll end up on any future seasons, even if she does end up single again, but she clearly keeps track of what’s going on and her opinions do echo those of many fans out there.

The Bachelor viewers can likely expect to hear the topic of Colton Underwood’s virginity brought up frequently this winter. However, as the Inquisitr previously noted, the buzz is that he may be open to discarding that particular status during the overnight dates if he feels he’s found the right woman. Will fans go gaga for this upcoming run with Colton as the Bachelor lead? Filming is taking place now and the premiere will debut in early January.

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