The ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Is Pleased Thomas Ravenel Is Out, Calling Him ‘Toxic’

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Yesterday was a big day for Southern Charm Season 6 in relation to whether or not former politician Thomas Ravenel would be a cast member. But Bravo finally cemented their decision yesterday after Ravenel was arrested and arraigned on assault charges related to the alleged rape of Ravenel family nanny Dawn. Though Ravenel stated a month ago he wasn’t returning to the hit Bravo show, the father of two was still having hushed conversations about perhaps working his way back to being a cast member.

But that prospect didn’t thrill the other cast members of Southern Charm who were relieved yesterday when Bravo made things final, says People Magazine. Bravo and the show’s production company, Haymaker, had said that they were doing their own investigation into the Ravenel matter after Nanny Dawn filed charges back in May. But now that the Charleston prosecutor has decided to move forward with the prosecution of the former politician, the decision was made for them.

In past years, Southern Charm had started filming by now, but the uncertainty about Thomas, and by proxy, his Season 5 girlfriend, had kept several cast members from formally signing on the dotted line, and so filming had not yet begun.

People reported that the cast as a whole is glad that there is no more uncertainty when it comes to the future of Thomas Ravenel, said a friend of the cast.

“They’re relieved not to have to deal with Thomas on the show anymore. Thomas was a friend at first, but that changed over the years as layers and layers of his lies and manipulation were exposed. What he did to Kathryn was horrible, but the allegations from his nanny became the last straw.”

None of the existing members of the cast keep in touch with Ravenel anymore since the Hilton Head attack on Kathryn, the accusations by Nanny Dawn, and the rift between Thomas and Patricia Altschul.


“It disgusted so many of them on the show, especially [the female cast members]. They’ve all been keeping their distance since. He’s toxic.”

Ravenel seemed confident that nothing would come from the charges leveled by Nanny Dawn and the mother of Ashley Perkins, and had believed that the situation would be behind him before the summer ended. His lawyer and polo teammate Richard Terbrusch gave several statements suggesting that his client was an easy mark as a wealthy, public figure.

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame and unfortunately has become — unfairly — a target for an individual who has, in my opinion, dubious motivations.”

Neither Ravenel nor his lawyer has released a statement since his arrest yesterday.