Andrew McCutchen Said ‘This Is The Place I Could Be Beyond This Year’ Of His Stay With The Yankees

Joseph Garnett Jr.Getty

Andrew McCutchen has been more than the Yankees bargained for when acquiring him from San Francisco ahead of the waiver trade deadline this season. Initially, he was going to help plug the hole in the outfield by filling in for their injured outfielders Clint Frazier and Aaron Judge. Since then, he has played his way into the lineup, replacing fan favorite and career Yankee Brett Gardner as the everyday left fielder. While no one considered McCutchen to be more than a hired gun to play a couple months in pinstripes, both he and the Yankees are open to the idea of making it a more permanent thing.

As was reported by The Inquisitr nearly a month ago, the arrival of McCutchen spelled out the likely end of the road for Gardner who has struggled this season. Now, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has reached the same conclusion, reporting that the Yankees would like to have McCutchen back if the price is right. It’s not sure what the price will be, but it’s a safe bet it will have to be $10 million or less and likely no more than a four-year deal, possibly five if the fourth and fifth are a club or mutual options.

McCutchen talked to NJ Advance Media about his take on the Yankees and his possible future in pinstripes.

“When you hear Yankees… everyone knows about the Yankees. Anyone and everyone.The class here is just different. There’s just a different feel that you get when you are on this team. You feel like you’re kind of part of that history, and just to be even mentioned in it is quite an honor honestly. I’ve enjoyed my time here. This is the first year being out of Pittsburgh, so being in San Francisco, I had to tell myself that was a place where I could be beyond this year and I’m thinking the same thing about New York. This is the place I could be beyond this year. I’m not sure if it will be. It’s a possibility. This is definitely not a place where I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be here.’ This is a great organization.”

What stands between McCutchen and the Yankees is Clint Frazier, Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and possibly even Bryce Harper and/or Manny Machado. It’s a lot to overcome, but the pair may actually be closer to each other than they think. It is likely Gardner’s $12.5 million team option will be bought out for $2.5 million. While he can re-sign with the Yankees for less money, he can likely get more from another team and start, something that doesn’t appear to be in his future with the Yankees.

Clint Frazier has missed significant time due to post-concussive disorder, and no one knows when he is going to be well enough to play, and if he will be at the same level when and if he can return per NJ Advance Media. There have been rumors the Yankees are done with Ellsbury, and may buy out his contract and set him free, the same as they did with Alex Rodriguez. Chasing Bryce Harper, much less signing him is nowhere near a given, and signing Machado would only present an outfield problem if it shifts Miguel Andujar there.

So the real question appears to be if the Yankees and McCutchen can make the money work, and assuming Gardner is bought out, it would appear they can at least be very close. McCutchen would be signing with the knowledge that he would likely be the fourth outfielder and occasional DH or defensive replacement. As they both appear to want to make a deal happen, odds are they will get it done.