Julian Saucedo Has Charges Of ‘Interference With Duties Of A Police Officer’ Dropped

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Julian Saucedo’s arrest was caught on video in a clip that quickly went viral afterwards. He was caught up in an altercation with a group of “unruly teens” and officers from the El Paso Police Department, and was charged with interference with public duties of a police officer.

According to KFoxTV, those charges have now been dropped, per the District Attorney’s office. The charges were dropped on Wednesday, but the District Attorney’s Office only released a statement about the matter on Monday.

“After careful review of the entire case, the case was dismissed because there was not enough evidence to proceed.”

The altercation occurred at the 6700 block of Sambrano Avenue, where police were informed a group of teenagers were inside a supposedly vacant apartment in June this year. When the police arrived on the scene, they saw the group of children and teens leaving the apartment.

Saucedo was pushed to the ground by the officer, who was waving his gun around at the group, and someone decided to start recording the incident as the policeman continued to become more and more irate with the teens.

The video was posted to several different platforms, and shared numerous times.

Throughout the clip, the group can be heard yelling at the officer, arguing with him about his treatment of 17-year-old Saucedo who he has pinned to the ground. At one point he drags Saucedo across the pavement to force him onto his stomach so that he can be cuffed by a fellow officer on the scene. It is at that point he pulls out his baton and starts threatening the other children with it, shoving them around on the sidewalk.

Saucedo was not the only teen arrested during the incident, with his 15-year-old brother Jacob Saucedo also taken into custody on the scene.

When they were done cuffing the teenagers and forcing them into the squad car, one of the officers started to scream at the woman recording the entire incident, and when she started running he yelled after her “I know where you live.”

Because of privacy laws involving children, and some of those present at the scene as young as just 7-years-old, many of their names have not been released, and the actual cause of the officer pulling his gun out to deal with a group of kids is unknown.

Following the incident, the police officer was suspended pending an investigation, but was cleared of any wrongdoing last month. He never discharged his weapon during the altercation.