Stephanie Reece’s Husband Reportedly Killed Their Two Kids, Turned Gun On Self

On September 21st, the husband and two children of tennis star Stephanie Reece were found dead. According to People, Reece received a call that morning that her two children, 15-year-old Harrison, and 13-year-old Shelby were not at school. She alerted the police and after driving to the home of Reece’s ex-husband, Michael Hunn, in Zionsville, Indiana, they discovered the children with fatal gunshot wounds. Hunn was also discovered with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officials think that Hunn, 50, killed the children as they slept and then shot himself.

“I can’t even imagine first of all taking anybody’s life and secondly taking my own children’s life. It is unheard of. Clearly, somebody was not in the right state of mind when he pulled that trigger,” said Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen in an interview with People. He added that there was no indication as to when Hunn shot his children and then himself. Neighbors in the mostly rural community said that they did not hear any shots that morning.

“It is not uncommon in our rural part of the county to hear gunshots but nobody heard anything.”

Though Nielsen did not state whether there had been a suicide note at the scene, he said that the department is looking into a possible motive for the murder-suicide.

“We are going to continue the investigation and will dive deep into the history of the family and the divorce proceeding and exactly what happened there.” The Sheriff added that, in his opinion, Hunn and Reece’s divorce was not a particularly nasty one. The couple began divorce proceedings in 2017, and had reportedly seen each other at tennis games and other social gatherings.

“This is one of those that unfortunately, we may never know the reason why he did this,” said Nielsen.

But there were accounts that the couple was having custody issues. In December, Reece, who is a former professional tennis player, filed a petition to have Hunn’s time with their children monitored, and that his blood-alcohol level is tested, which Hunn agreed to. More recently, Reece filed a petition stating that Hunn had not been paying child support.

According to Nielsen, the murder-suicide has affected the community at large.

“It is a horrible tragedy for this community and it is horrible that my officers had to see what they saw and it is going to affect us for the rest of our lives because we can’t unsee what we have seen,” he says.

There is a private funeral planned for Thursday.