Rick Sheehy Resigns Over Phone Call Scandal

Rick Sheehy resigned as Nebraska’s Lieutenant Governor on Saturday after a scandal involving thousands of phone calls to four women on his state-issued cell phone.

Governor Dave Heineman announced Sheehy’s resignation during a hastily called news conference on Saturday.

During the news conference, The Washington Post reports that Heineman stated:

“As public officials, we are rightly held to a higher standard. I had trusted him, and that trust was broken.”

Sheehy, a Republican, was considered the front runner for the the 2014 gubernatorial race. He was endorsed by Heineman.

The former Lieutenant Governor made several thousand calls to four women during the past four years. None of those calls were to his wife, who filed for divorce from Sheehy last year. At least one of the women has acknowledged having a romantic relationship with Sheehy.

Records were released on Saturday by the governor’s office, which show the thousands of calls made to the women, notes Yahoo! News.

Rick Sheehy did not appear at the news conference announcing his resignation. His state-issued cell phone has also been disconnected. Heineman did not answer any questions as to why his Lieutenant Governor resigned.

Sheehy’s wife filed for divorce from him last July after their marriage of 29 years. She stated in her divorce filing that “the marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken.”

Heineman declined to say whether Rick Sheehy chose to resign on his own, or if he was asked to do so.

The Nebraska Governor also announced he will begin the search for his new lieutenant on Monday.