Jordan Kimball & Jenna Cooper Cheating Scandal: Find Out Why Eric Bigger Thinks There’s ‘Holes’ In The Story

Paul Hebert / Image Group LAABC

The news that Jenna Cooper was allegedly cheating on Jordan Kimball during the entire Bachelor in Paradise experience spread like wildfire. And the fallout was intense: Jordan broke off the engagement, and Jenna promised him that she would expose the truth, which according to Cooper, is that she wasn’t the one that wrote the malicious texts claiming she was faking her love for Kimball.

And now, fellow cast member Eric Bigger has revealed what he thinks happened with Jordan and Jenna, and it looks like he’s taking Jenna’s side. During an interview with OK Magazine, Eric said some interesting things. First off, he said that “I am shocked,” but then noted that “The timing of it, it just doesn’t make sense. Why like right after the show? So there are some holes in that whole story that I just don’t really believe.”

Bigger went on to point out that the texts that are being used as the main evidence of Jenna’s infidelity are something that could be easily faked using Photoshop, or any number of picture-editing software.

More so that the Jenna that supposedly cheated on Jordan, Eric remembers a woman who was “fun, bubbly, lots of energy, creative, she’s a fun girl, like she’s a good girl.”

Plus, Eric shared that the two had some intense make-out sessions in paradise, which made him want to say, “Whoa, get a room or something.” He went on to talk about how Jenna and Jordan are actually “somewhat compatible” thanks to their astrological signs, Gemini and Capricorn.

With all that aside, however, Reality Steve and Jordan previously dissected why they both believe the texts are real. According to the Inquisitr, these reasons include the way Jenna reacted right before the news broke, as well as the way she acted when Jordan confronted her about the texts.

And while the public was not privy to all of the information that Jordan accessed via Steve, it sounded like there were other pieces of “evidence.” These included more emails between the man who exposed Jenna and Steve. And in these emails, there were intimate details that were discussed about Cooper that made Jordan sure that the man was not lying.

While there haven’t been any new updates from Jenna lately, she’s reportedly working on gathering the evidence she needs to prove her innocence. In her latest Instagram post, she vowed to clear her name and expressed that she looks forward to a future with Jordan.