Shelley Malil, Star Of '40-Year-Old Virgin,' Released From Prison After Stabbing Girlfriend 23 Times

Actor Shelley Malil, who starred in 40-Year-Old Virgin, was recently released from prison after he was charged with premeditated attempted murder. According to People, Malil, 53, stabbed his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, in 2008. In an interview with Good Morning America, Beebe says she does not feel safe.

The incident occurred on August 10, 2008. Beebe was on her back patio speaking to a friend when Malil approached her.

"When I was going to give him a hug, he pulled out his hand and just started stabbing me," said Beebe. During his court testimony, the actor said he thought he was stabbing someone else on that night. He said it was not until he heard Beebe shout "call 911" that he realized he was stabbing his girlfriend.

"That's the first time I look and see it's Kendra I'm fighting with," said Malil, during his trial.

But during his most recent parole hearing in front of a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation panel, Malil said that he had been drinking extensively the day of the incident. In the evening, Malil grabbed a knife and drove to Beebe's home in San Marcos. He said that he drove to her home with "the intent to 'annihilate' her because he felt he'd been slighted by her the day before."

After he attacked her with the knife, Malil grabbed a broken wine glass and continued stabbing her with it, along with a knife he grabbed from Beebe's kitchen. He also attempted to smother her with a pillow. By the time the attack over, "Beebe suffered 23 deep puncture wounds during the attack and the flesh on her chin was nearly sliced off. Her arm was almost severed as well."

During his parole hearing, the actor called himself an "emotional time bomb" because he was facing tremendous personal and professional stress at the time.

"I am fully invested in my rehabilitation and I never want to create another victim again," Malil said.

The parole board he met with approved his parole unanimously. But San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan released a statement addressing Malil's parole, saying that she was disappointed with the panel's decision.

"We agree with the Governor that Malil demonstrated uncontrolled rage and lacks an understanding of his crime. The victims have endured tremendous physical and emotional pain. To approve this individual for release, given his violent attack, ignores the very real danger he poses to public safety," Stephan wrote.

Despite his release, Malil will be on probation for five years.