Ben Affleck Reportedly Told To Dump Shauna Sexton By Jennifer Garner, ‘Or Else,’ Per ‘Life & Style’

Pascal Le Segretain / David Becker / StringerGetty Images

It’s no secret that there are people who are critical of Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend, Shauna Sexton. First of all, she’s a lot younger than him. Shauna is 22-years-old, while Ben is 46-years-old. Also, Shauna’s said some things and posted photos in the past that make people believe that she likes to drink alcohol. That wouldn’t be a problem, but with Ben battling alcohol addiction, it adds a layer of complexity to their budding relationship. After all, Shauna once stated that she likes “whiskey all day,” according to People. The model further elaborated on her drink of choice.

“Bourbon, for sure. I like whiskey and soda, which makes people cringe, but I like it.”

Plus, days after Ben was driven to rehab by his caring ex, Jennifer Garner, Shauna posed with a glass of wine on her Instagram. Since then, she has appeared to pledge sobriety, but also blasted haters, saying that it wasn’t her responsibility to shoulder Ben’s addiction.

But with all that said and done, Garner was reportedly very upset when she found out that Ben and Shauna were seeing each other during his rehab, according to an exclusive report by Life & Style Magazine.

“Jen totally lost it when she found out. She told him to dump Shauna or else. It isn’t healthy.”

It’s not too surprising to hear this, considering that Jennifer obviously cares very much about Ben’s well-being and helping him on his road to recovery.

However, it doesn’t sound like Ben’s heeding Jen’s advice. The source elaborated that “It’s like whatever Jen says goes in one ear and out the other. She’s furious.”

Shauna’s been spotted visiting Ben in rehab, and also drives his car around. Plus, the Playboy playmate also quit her job after getting together with Ben, because the publicity from the relationship has led to new modeling opportunities.

And that’s not the only woman in Ben’s circle that’s upset with him. His other ex, Lindsay Shookus, reportedly believed that the actor would get back together with her after he dealt with his addiction problems. And while it appears that Shookus tried to help Ben the best she could, it wasn’t until Jennifer stepped in that he went to seek professional help at a treatment center.

Meanwhile, Shauna is doing her thing in Los Angeles. She was most recently seen wearing a gray workout ensemble, including a tight long-sleeved crop top, matching leggings, and some black sneakers. Sexton has also been spotted volunteering at the local animal shelter.